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Why should I buy Megaflex software now?
View these six reasons why you should buy now.

Which product is right for me?
View this helpful product comparison chart to guide you in your decision-making.

Why should I standardize?
It is recognized that the software available today such as spreadsheets and database can be used by companies to develop their own in-house flavor of instrument specification formats that emulates the ISA specification formats. I have talked with many companies that have gone done this path when times were good and a competent software design staff was available to create these forms. The downside has shown that these ‘in-house’ forms need a lot of upkeep and tweaking to keep them current and bug free. These companies have learned that when the company can no longer afford the software design professionals to keep the software current and have to be layed off or the designer quits and moves on, no one is available to manage the instrument database software and keep it up to date. In contrast, Megaflex has provided a database software package and consistently keeps the software updated with our software maintenance downloads that are available from the Megaflex website.

Can my existing data created in a spreadsheet be imported into the software?
Yes, each Pro software contains an import utility to allow the user to build a ‘bridge’ to align user data with the proper data field in the instrument index when the merge is executed. You cannot import into the specification data sheets, however.

Can I edit the data directly in the database tables if I have a copy of Microsoft SQL Server Express?
You can open the SQL tables via the Studio Manager and have full access to the data structures and tables.

Can I change the layout of the reports?
Yes, you can change the report formats if you have a copy of 3rd party report generating software.

Can I change the logo printed on each form?
Yes, you can change the logo printed on each form to suit the clients needs. Your logo comes as a .gif format that can be changed by the user.

What if I have a form that is not included?
There are two forms, Generic and Universal, that allow you to layout your own format and use it within any Unit specification build.

When I am documenting my instruments, what type of blank forms are available?
There are blank forms for Instrument Index, each 1981 and 2001 specification forms, junction box layout and others depending of the software purchased. These forms are suitable for field documenting the instrumentation installation.

What operating systems will the software operate?
Our products are Windows-based products and operate Windows operating systems, XP PRO, Windows 7.
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What type of networks can the software operate?
The Megaflex line of software products may be loaded onto any Microsoft Windows® compatible file server or Terminal Server. (We recommend at least a 100 base T network speed for file server).

How is the software licensed on a network?
The software is licensed for each workstation connected with a dongle for file server installation and User count with Terminal Server installations. The network licensing is setup in increments of 5, 10, 15 and 25. Contact us for pricing details.

What about unauthorized access to the data?
The software employs a multi-level password access to allow ‘print and view” only. The Administrator may assign Unit level password for, edit records, maintenance editing, universal form building.

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What type of training is available from Megaflex?
Megaflex provides on-site classroom training and/or to individuals utilitzing our software as well as Webinar training at your computer. The class is coordinated with the company to provide different levels of operator level training and understanding. This provides each group the confidence to interface to the software and enable them to navigate confidently through the displays and obtain or enter the information needed.

What type documentation is available?
We provide a User’s Manual with each installation. On each CD is a Quick Start User’s Guide and a full User’s Manual that is loaded and provided with an Icon for ready access from the User display. This can be used for software evaluation or new User access to commonly used techniques in the software.

What about training manual written for users where English is a 2nd Language
Megaflex will provide to the Users a editable copy of the software manual for language conversion. This enables end user the manuals for conversion into their primary languages.

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What types of electronic/hard copy data formats can Megaflex convert to any of the four software packages the we have developed?
At Megaflex, we can electronically convert your MS Access®, FoxPro®, Paradox®, Quarttro Pro®, Dbase, Excel® and client databases such as MS-SQL and Oracle data to our software. We can also convert your hard copies of instrument specifications to the appropriate specification format or build new forms in our form builder to match your format.

What types of custom software development is available?
We can provide interface to hand held calibration units, links to client server database systems such as MS-SQL and others. Tell us your requirement and let us work out the details.

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