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Instrument Forms Plus LITE is a database management system (DBMS) program that provides the instrument engineer or plant maintenance technician with the tools to create and manage instrumentation specifications. This software includes instrument specification forms (ISA-TR20.00.01-2001) a general instrument tag list, file utilities for data backup and restore, and printing. The specification displays integrate the data pick table values into each specification display to provide an easy to use and a quick way of defining the attributes for filling out the instrument specification database table. The pick table utilize over 28,000 pre-programmed pick items for use on the specification forms.

Instrument Forms Plus LITE is distributed as a standalone database runtime software version. Instrument Forms Plus LITE is easy to learn and uses a point-and-click interface. It is capable of managing specification data for multiple enterprise units. The power and speed of a database management system provides the engineer with a unique way of maintaining thousands of instrument specifications easily and efficiently. The instrument specification forms are licensed by the The ISA, Instrumentation, Systems and Automation Society, and are developed from the ISA-TR20.00.01-2001, “Specification Forms for Process Measurement and Control Instruments.”


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Minimum System Requirements: Processor 4G of RAM, 100 MB minimum of hard drive, VGA Monitor or higher, Microsoft Windows 7 or 10, x 86 or 64, mouse or trackball, laser printer.