Facility Automation


Facility Automation provides the design and construction verification teams the software features to effectively manage and document a facility design, construction, checkout and punchlist implementation plan. Facility Automation is designed to provide the design specification documents created for a unit, record and track the completion of construction activities for each device and system, and provide a device-by-device sign-off document trail for the implementation of the final facility checkout and verification plan. Included are software modules to manage the following system instrumentation*, electrical motors, fire and life safety, integrated security systems and mechanical equipment.

    • Design and documenting phase of a project

Create lists and specification data sheets for most devices and equipment to purchase and provide document cross referencing for drawings and specifications.

    • Construction phase

Document installation progress and calculate a percent complete for the project construction to measure progress.

    • Checkout and punch list phase

Document all punch list items and track them to completion along with a percent complete report to measure progress.

    • Verification phase

Use “Installation Test Case” documents to record and date each item within the system per regulatory requirements. With the “System – Installation Test Case” forms you are able to effectively document each test verification and obtain a percent complete for each system.

    • Turn over is complete

Hand over Facility Automation software over to the new residents and they have a completely documented facility with several preventive maintenance modules included to maintain the operation of the facility.

Note: Refer to the Instrument Forms Plus Pro page for details on the instrument portion of the software.

Minimum System Requirements: Microprocessor Pentium of higher, 256 MB RAM 100 MB minimum of hard disk , VGA monitor preferably set at 1024×728 pixel resolution or higher, Microsoft Windows 2000/XP, Mouse or track ball, laser printer, Any Windows compatible network