Thank you for your IFP-PRO request

Instruments Forms Plus PRO

Note: This version requires Microsoft SQL server or SQL Express mounted on a Server or local PC. The installation involves setting up ODBC links and other configuration settings and requires Administrative permissions. The trial download allows only one user to access the software at a time.

Download the appropriate file below and use the password you received from Megaflex to open the files. If you did not receive a password, please contact or call 1-803-699-0805.(Loading setup should take 30 minutes to an hour).

View this helpful visual presentation of the software in action for more information. Webinar of Enterprise Software (19 MB)


1. Instrument Forms Plus Pro-Enterprise Trial 70 MB (Posted July, 2013- XP or W7 )

2. Instrument Forms Plus Pro-Enterprise (64) bit 58 MB (Posted  2013-W7)